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i’ve reached fall 2012 in my likes

wow look at all that spn stuff

before it crushed my soul

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stepping back two years in my likes is like opening a time capsule made of fitspo and despair

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During the extortion process, the apostate mage said nothing of value. All he could express until he eventually expired was “Hawke, help me!”

The Champion of Kirkwall has not been seen in months.

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Bruce Willis is probably going to keep making action movies because you know what they say about old habits


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tinyfierce requested, “Garrus and Femshep? She gets a little too tipsy at Girls’ Night on the Presidium and Garrus escorts her back to the Normandy - but drunk Shep is handsy Shep and that is one loooong elevator ride.”

A few details changed around, but the spirit of the thing remains, I believe.

Girls’ Night


Garrus recognized that particular terrifying whoop. That was the sound of Comm Specialist Samantha Traynor taking prisoners on the dance floor, and if she was there, then Shepard had to be around here somewhere, too.

He moved through the shadows of the club, in the general direction that the shout had come from. Amazing that she could even make herself heard above the bass. His ears were already killing him. Spirits, he was getting old. This had been every night off while he worked for C-Sec—not this exact club, but close enough.

Finally, he spotted them, but Shepard wasn’t with them; it was just Tali and Traynor on the floor, and everyone else was giving them a wide berth.

Tali’s eyes—scrunched up into glowing crescents behind her mask, a sure sign that she was having a good time—touched his face and moved away before darting back. “Garrrrrusssss!” she shouted, beckoning. She sounded only a little drunk. “What are you doing here? It’s girls’ night!”

And even though she had just waved him closer, she shooed him, her hands sweeping him away. She didn’t stop dancing to do it, either.

"I got an interesting message from Shepard," he said dryly, ignoring Traynor, who was tugging on his arm in an attempt to make him dance. "It led me to believe that maybe she should call it a night."

"Riiiiiiight," Traynor agreed, nodding. "God, I’ve never seen her that drunk. Usually she has a liver of steel. She’s over there." With exaggerated motions and her arms lofted high above her head, she pointed toward the bar.

The crowd cleared at just that moment, and Garrus got a clear view of her: one elbow propped on the bar, chin cupped in her hand, the other waving wildly as she articulated…whatever she was articulating. Judging by Ashley’s bemused stare, she wasn’t articulating it very well.

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we buried truth under playgrounds

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"Don’t bet anything you’re not prepared to lose."

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