Vega’s disbelief about everything during the Rachni mission is wonderful

"You released a Rachni Queen?"

Rachni have nests?

They explode?!

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By Sonia Poli on All About Papercutting.

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25 + isabela


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Boyfriend’s sister just got engaged! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Boyfriend and I have known that her boyfriend was going to propose for about two months now. It’s been hell trying to keep my mouth shut. But I didn’t blow it. Whew.

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My name is Nelleke Pieters.

I am born and raised in the Netherlands, and first started photography about seven years ago. I have been hooked ever since

With my pictures I try to capture a certain atmosphere: As long as it has the right atmosphere I photograph all kinds of subjects.
That being said, a lot of my photos do ‘happen’ to be of trees. As I was born with an inherent attraction to the loveliness of them, and (living on the Dutch Veluwe) I have got the luxury of being close to loads as well. That makes a nice combination for quite a few forest photos!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Selected by Andrew

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inspired by “i’m not calling you a liar" by florence + the machine

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1. The role and functions of a pawn.


2. The weakest pieces on the board; numerous; interchangeable; existing to be sacrificed for the benefit of the real players.


3. Unlike other pieces, a pawn may not retreat. It can only go forward, one step at a time.


4. A pawn cannot capture a piece that blocks its path. It may only proceed if the opposing piece concedes ground, or if a different route is offered.


5. The en passant capture is a special move that permits one pawn to successfully attack another without directly engaging it.


6. Otherwise, the only way a pawn can capture is by going one step forward and to the left or right, in a single diagonal move.


7. In very rare occasions, if a pawn is allowed to cross the entire board, unscathed…


8. …it may be promoted to a queen, and, perhaps, turn the tide of the war.


pats face im always going to reblog this

are you fucking kidding me

Wow, that was beautiful.

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hawke: ill punch a bee i dont give a fuck
fenris: dont
hawke: *punches bee*
hawke: *It Was A Wasp*
hawke: get anders
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