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I’m pretty sure Fenris isn’t the kind of person to give a lot of hugs, but i don’t care and had to draw some cuddles. These assholes just had it coming.
And this is all your fault, croissant.

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He’s wondering if she knows where turians’ peepee are. 

She knows.

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DA2 - Stop beeing so badass

by viivere


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  • Varric flirting with the Inquisitor shamelessly
  • But, when the Inquisitor flirts back, he demurs and changes the subject

- Drablet text & inspiration by lifeofaseamonster

The things that move you to art when exploring the Varric Tethras tag ;)

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I woke up to this thought and now that I’ve drawn it it’s off to bed again

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Rain-drenched Visage: +25 to Attractive Broodiness, trufax

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What does this look like to you?

Notes: A short pre-Talibrations drabble, circa ME2.

Beneath Garrus’s fingers, the display flashed red.

"Spirits," he muttered, bringing up his omni-tool. EDI was being particularly quiet, but he could nearly feel her gloating. She’d wanted to help with the installation, but it was turian tech, dammit. He could handle it on his own.

Despite the hour, the door swished open behind him. He didn’t turn, precarious as the current interface was. “Can it wait, Shepard? I’m in the middle of—”

"Some calibrations," a voice that was definitely not Shepard’s finished for him. “She wasn’t exaggerating.”

He keyed in a code that would pause the installation, made sure it was stable, and turned to face his visitor. “I’ve been that bad, huh?”

Behind her faceplate, Tali smiled, her eyes curving into crescents. “Something about you’d think that damn cannon is his new best—Keelah.”

His mind, still half on the cannon, took a moment to catch up to the dismay in her voice. He glanced back to the display, worried that the hold on the system had corrupted, but then he remembered: he’d been wearing a helmet on Haestrom, and she hadn’t yet seen him without it. Probably didn’t help that the bandage was off for the night, giving the wound a chance to breathe.

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When friend is clearly upset but they don’t wanna talk about it but you wanna help but don’t know how and you just kinda


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